It is time to RENEW your NCED membership for the 2023-2024 Year!

Our membership year begins on July 1st so you can log in and pay your dues for 2023-2024 today. When paying your dues, we encourage you to check your profile and update your contact information. Here are a few reminders regarding payments.

  • If you join during the year, at any time, you MUST still renew on July 1st to not have a lapse in your membership.
  • Membership fees can be paid as a one-year ($55.00) payment or a three- year payment ($150.00).
  • If you have a recurring automated payment set up with us, your credit card on file was charged on July 1. If your transaction did not occur, please make sure the credit card on file is up to date and that your billing address is correct. If the billing address is not correct the payment is typically denied by your financial institution.
  • When making a payment online- If you are not current on your membership you will be given a prompt to add a delinquent payment to your cart.
  • If you are not current in your membership fees your account status is considered inactive, and your name will not appear in our membership directory. Past due accounts will be at risk for revocation.

We hope this information is helpful and, as always, thank you for your service and commitment to the field of special education as an educational diagnostician!