About Us

The National Certification for Educational Diagnosticians (NCED) was established in 2006 for those who provide educational diagnostic services. The purpose was to establish a national certification for educational diagnosticians that demonstrate a level of excellence in experience and knowledge. As educational diagnostician licensing or credentialing varies by state, a potential certificate holder must have a state board of education license or certificate and also have a minimum of two years experience before applying to sit for the NCED exam. Those who pass the exam use their NCED status with great pride in their professional careers. The NCED Board of Directors is comprised of educational diagnosticians that hold the NCED credential and whose main professional responsibilities are related to the field of educational diagnostics. Directors remain current regarding trends and best practice by attending state and national conferences in addition to reading current literature. They incorporate best practice into the established standards. Directors support active certificate holders in maintaining high standards by ensuring they are current with professional development requirements in a variety of areas and by promoting NCED at conferences they attend.

Board of Directors

Cynthia Simpson, Ph.D.


Michelle Norwood, M.Ed.

Vice President

Georgene Moon, M.Ed.


Becky Dieckmann, M.Ed.


Jana Cole, Ed.D.

Exam Chair

Maribel Garza, ABD

Exam Assist

Kellie East, M.A.T.

Publicity Chair

Maranda Lanham, M.A.T.

Certificate Holder Chair

Summer Koltonski, Ph.D.

Professional Development Chair