Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician

Application for Retirement Status

My signature below indicates my decision to retire my Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (NCED) certification, and change my certification status to NCED (Retired). Further, my signature indicates my assurance to the NCED Board that I understand I am changing my certification status, and that I have read and agree to abide by all of the following requirements:

  • I am not currently employed as a professional educational diagnostician, nor am I performing the duties, roles or responsibilities of an educational diagnostician for remuneration as defined in the Retired Status section of the bylaws.
  • I understand that if I return to special education assessment and educational diagnostics practice in any form, I must have my NCED status changed to accurately reflect my practice or relinquish my certification entirely.
  • I will continue to abide by the NCED Code of Ethics.
  • I understand that I will no longer be required to complete Professional Development hours (PD) to maintain my NCED (Retired) status.
  • I will disclose to the NCED Board any change, complaint or conviction about a criminal, civil, state board or other professional disciplinary matter(s) within sixty (60) days of occurrence.
  • I understand that to reverse my certification status back to active, my account must be current on fees, and I must be a holder in good standing.
  • I understand that I must pay the regular NCED annual (or triennial) certification renewal fee.
  • I understand that if I allow my NCED (Retired) certification to lapse, I will be required to retake and pass the NCED exam to regain NCED status.
  • I will cease from using the designation NCED, and will instead use the designation, NCED (Retired), upon approval of my retirement status.