I take pleasure in announcing the following 2023-2024 NCED Board of Directors:

• President: Cindy Simpson, Ph.D.
• Vice President: Michelle Norwood, M.Ed.
• Treasurer: Georgene Moon, M.Ed.
• Secretary: Danielle M. Frith, M.A., ABD
• Certificate Holder Chair: Becky Dieckmann, M.Ed.
• Exam Chair: Kellie East, M.A.T.
• Exam Assist: Maribel Garza, M.Ed., ABD
• Professional Growth Chair, Summer Koltonski, Ph.D.
• Publicity/Public Relations Chair, Jana Cole, Ed.D.

I congratulate our new directors and welcome back those board members returning to fulfil their terms. Special thanks are extended to Renee Kwiatek, our outgoing professional development chair, and Maranda Lanham, outgoing secretary, for their dedication to NCED. Their commitment to the Board is commended and their work with us during their term in office is truly appreciated.

Cindy Simpson, NCED President