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Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician

“As key players (Smith, 2007) with a distinctive role in the assessment process, educational diagnosticians ‘share an ability to assess and diagnose the learning problems of students’ (p. 1, NCPSE, 2000) with disabilities. The added value that diagnosticians offer, when compared to their counterparts outside the teaching profession, is that they have taught students with disabilities in authentic classroom settings.”  Assessment for Effective Intervention Journal

Who Is Eligible for NCED Status?

  • This certification is specifically for practitioners who evaluate students for IDEA disabilities other than Speech Impairment.
  • Disciplines such as school counselors and speech/language pathologists are not eligible to become NCED. 
  • See the NCED Exam page of this website for a listing of all requirements.


Is NCED a Licensing Agency?

  • No. There are no national licensing requirements established for educational diagnosticians.
  • Each state that employs diagnosticians determines requirements for license/certification in that state.
  • Holding a NCED certificate does not automatically enable you to work in every state; you must obtain certification from each state in which employment is desired.


You must first fill out the retirement application found here.  Once you have been approved for retirement, you'll be able to login here with your email and proceed with purchasing the retirement product.



The NCED (Retired) designation allows NCED certificate holders who are retired from professional practice to continue to identify themselves as professionals who have met national standards in special education assessment and educational diagnostics. The official title of this designation is Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (Retired) or NCED (Retired).

(A) Eligibility: A Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician is eligible for NCED (Retired) status if the individual meets all of the following requirements:

  • Has ceased from public and/or private practice of special education assessment and educational diagnostics for remuneration; and
  • Has ceased performing the duties, role and/or responsibilities typically associated with an educational diagnostician or one involved in the training and education of educational diagnosticians for remuneration (examples include but are not limited to professors or university faculty in a field related to educational diagnostics, consulting with educators or parents, presenting or speaking related to educational diagnostics, or mentoring and training of educational diagnosticians or special education teachers); and
  • Is an active Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician in good standing at the time of application for Retired status.

(B) Use of the title, Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (Retired) or NCED (Retired), will be deemed a violation of the NCED Code of Ethics if used without approval from the Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician Board or if used while engaging in the capacities listed above for remuneration.

(C) NCED (Retired) individuals receive the same benefits as regular NCEDs, including access to the Member Login tab at the NCED website, obtaining national recognition, verification of continuing education and experience, and an NCED (Retired) certificate.

(D) Reinstatement: Should an NCED (Retired) individual decide to reenter the workforce, he or she can convert NCED (Retired) status to an active NCED by completing the current professional development clock hour requirements and maintaining active NCED status through submission of renewal fees.

(E) Fees & Procedures: The annual fee for NCED (Retired) status is the same as the regular NCED fee. In order to obtain this designation, simply complete the attached application and mail it to the NCED Board along with payment if renewal fees are due. Submitting documentation of professional development hours to obtain or maintain this designation is not required.

My online purchase of the Retired Membership indicates my decision to retire my Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (NCED) certification, and change my certification status to NCED (Retired). Further, my signature below indicates my assurance to the NCED Board that I understand that I am changing my certification status, and that I have read and agree to abide by all of the following requirements:

  • I am not currently employed as a professional educational diagnostician, nor am I performing the duties, roles or responsibilities of an educational diagnostician for remuneration as defined in the Retired Status section of the bylaws.
  • I understand that if I return to special education assessment and educational diagnostics practice of any type, I must have my NCED status changed to accurately reflect my practice or relinquish my certification entirely.
  • I will continue to abide by the NCED Code of Ethics.
  • I understand that I will no longer be required to complete continuing education units (CEUs) for renewal of my NCED (Retired) certification.
  • I will disclose to the NCED Board any change, complaint or conviction about a criminal, civil, state board or other professional disciplinary matter(s) within 60 days of occurrence.
  • I understand that in order to change my certification status from retiree back to active, or vice versa, my account must be current on fees and I must be a holder in good standing.
  • I understand that I must pay the regular NCED annual certification fee.
  • I understand that, if I allow my NCED (Retired) certification to lapse, and if I want to be reinstated, then I will be required to retake and pass the NCED exam.
  • I will cease from using the designation, NCED, and will instead use the designation, NCED (Retired), upon approval of my retirement status.

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