The NJALC Spring Symposium 2016 (Somerset, NJ) Springing into the Next Fifty Years (4/8/16)
Definition, Assessment, Response and Treatment of School Refusal from a Cognitive Behavioral Perspective
Presenter: Allen H. Weg, Ed.D.

Adolescents may avoid or refuse to attend school for a variety of reasons. Identifying particulars behind school refusal helps to determine the response and treatment of this problem. This presentation will review the various reasons why adolescents exhibit school refusal, and the differing and specific protocols for addressing the problem. The presenter will review the definition, assessment, response, and treatment of school refusal from a cognitive behavioral perspective. A review of specific criteria in the definition and identification of school refusal will be followed by an assessment phase focusing on determining which of the four major causes of or combination of causes that contribute to school refusal are at play. Specific guidelines to address the differing underlying dynamics behind school refusal, such as aversive school stimuli, avoidance of social situations at school, seeking attention from significant others, and obtaining competing tangible rewards for avoiding school will be addressed.