3/15/16 Eatontown, NJ (Monmouth Mall)
Step-by-Step REview of Section 504/ADA Student Issues:Overall Agenda – Perry Zirkel
1. Contextual Comparison: IDEA v 504 and the ADA
2. Threshold District- or School-Wide Issue: Grievance Procedure
3. Eligibility:
a. Individual child find
b. Evaluation
c. Procedural Safeguards Notice
d. “Protected-only” category
4. “Entitlement”
a. Scope (accommodations v. FAPE)
b. Standard (reasonable v. commensurate)
c. Procedures (e.g., who)
5. Significant Others:
a. IST (“252” concept)
b. Discipline
c. IEP Interaction (“consolation prize” syndrome)
d. “Double-covered” v. 504-only
Liability (e.g., bullying, retaliation, health-related injuries)
Enforcement (e.g., IHO and OCR)