RAL: 320 – Literacy Learning Across the Curriculum
Course Purpose: This course is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to plan and teach instruction to students in the areas of the writing process, handwriting, and spelling, using assessment to help develop a fluent reader and writer in the primary elementary grades.

Course Description: Through readings, class activities, and field experiences, this course will study the developmental processes, instructional practices, and assessment principles that contribute to effective learning of reading and writing. Students will learn to organize creative and effective learning environments and to evaluate, design, produce, and implement programs and strategies to teach literacies to children. Practical assessment and meaningful instruction are treated as integrated processes to address the needs of all learners, including those who struggle with reading and writing, gifted students, and students with culturally and linguistically diverse experiences. This course also examines implementation considerations, management systems, and classroom organization of developmental reading programs. Advanced skills are developed for selecting, designing and evaluating strategies for meeting specific reading objectives. Direction is given on prescribing and modifying for differentiated instruction, and supporting content area reading instruction. The practicum portion of this class will require that students administer developmentally appropriate literacy assessments and reflect on their meaning. In addition, the practicum portion of the course will require students to design specific lessons that connect to course content and literacy development, have those lessons reviewed for quality, and implement them. Practicum hours are required and scheduled to allow for supervision.