1148-RAL220-P3: LIT STRAT, ASSESS & INSTR – SP – Literacy Strategies, Assessment, and Instruction
Course Purpose: This course is designed to prepare pre-service teachers to teach reading and writing in the primary elementary grades.

Course Description: Through readings, class activities, and field experiences, this course will develop students’ understanding of a comprehensive, balanced literacy framework for language arts teaching. Students will become familiar with the stages and processes of reading and writing development, effective instructional strategies and classroom management, approaches to reading and writing assessment and best practices in literacy instruction. Through direct experience with materials and methods, students will be prepared to plan appropriate instruction in areas of emergent literacy, word identification, fluency, comprehension, the writing process and literature response. The practicum portion of this class will require that students administer developmentally appropriate literacy assessments and reflect on their meaning. In addition, the practicum portion of the course will require students to design specific lessons that connect to course content and literacy development, have those lessons reviewed for quality, and implement them with at least one child. Practicum hours are required and scheduled to allow for supervision.