2015 Annual Summer Institute (6/9/15) – Online/Hybrid Teaching & Learning – Montclair State University
Panel Discussion, Online Programs:
The Educational Leadership and Child Advocacy faculty panel will discuss their experience with their online masters programs, how they were developed and how they have grown. Panel members will showcase their online teaching practices and share best strategies for student engagement and success.
Best Practices for Online Teaching:
Provide an overview of research-based best practices for online or hybrid teaching and learning. In a small group setting, instructional designers will share best practices in course design standards and models, approaches to online instruction, fostering interaction and online learning community and integrating effective learning assessments.
Weather Proofing Your Class Using Canvas Conferencing:
Canvas Conferences allow you to meet with your students anytime or anywhere. Participants will learn how to launch and moderate an online conference as well as learn how to incorporate tools such as webcams, document sharing and chat.
5 Tips for Integrating the Library into Your Canvas Course:
From e-books to streaming videos to library research modules in Canvas, we will cover a range of possibilities for integrating the library into your Canvas course. Help your students select better quality sources for their assignments and, ultimately, help them produce better quality work.
Two Heads Are Better Than One: The Power of Group Work in Canvas:
Gain a greater understanding of how to design and leverage group tools such as Discussions, Wikis, and Assignments in a Canvas course.
Leveraging Google Apps in Teaching & Learning:
Google has a range of tools for teaching and learning. Explore tools available and learn how they can integrate them within Canvas course. Explore Google Drive, Docs, Hangout, Sheets, Forms, and Slides.