Allor, J., Mathes, P., Roberts, K., Cheatham, J. & Al Otaiba, S. “Is Scientifically Based Reading Instruction Effective for Students With Below-Average IQs?” Exceptional Children, 80 (3) 287-306. This longitudinal study conducted over four years collected data on effectiveness of intensive evidence-based reading instruction for students with IQs ranging from 40 to 80. The instruction used curriculum, which addressed all components of teaching reading from phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, and comprehension. The small treatment groups (one to four students) applied explicit, intensive, structured, and individualized approaches. Final findings from this research concluded that students with low IQs should be offered with evidence-based reading instruction; it may take two to four years for the students to gain a year’s progress in the curriculum; while overall instruction follow the same methods of teaching as in a contrast group, individualization was needed for treatment group.