Area 2: Collaborative Study: 50+ hours

• 13.5 hours: Charles W. Lewis Middle School: Collaborative Meetings
Dates: 9-5-13, 10-16-13, 11-1-13, 11-12-13, 11-20-13, 12-3-13, 12-4-13, 12-17-13, 1-7-14, 1-13-14, 1-30-14, 2-4-14, 2-18-14, 2-25-14, 3-4-14, 3-17-14, 3-28-14, 4-14-14,
These were dates/times on which I scheduled/held collaborative meetings (with other staff working with the student) for a student who was in middle school and was a child with Autism. We met typically on a bi-weekly basis for approximately 45 minutes for each meeting. The child had a unique program which I had developed. She was in an Autism Support classroom, Resource Center, and general education exploratory classes (gym, art, cooking, technology, etc.). I felt that we needed to have constant conversations with each other in order for this program to work. One of the staff members included in the meetings had little knowledge or experience of working with students with Autism, so it was helpful in that sense, too. I have signature pages and letters from two staff members in my possession.

• 70 hours: Gloucester Township Elementary School (20 hours) and Blackwood Elementary School (50 hours): Intervention and Referral Service Committee
I volunteered to be a member of the Intervention and Referral Service Committee for two schools, Blackwood Elementary School in Blackwood, New Jersey and Gloucester Township Elementary School in Blackwood, NJ. Mr. Gentile (, the principal at GTES, provided a certificate indicating my participation. Mr. Carpinelli (, the school psychologist, has also signed to indicate my participation. At GTES, I was part of the committee for two years. We met on a weekly to bi-weekly basis for approximately 20 weeks. Mr. Gentile’s certificate indicated 10 hours for each year (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) as that is the maximum the district would allow for professional development hours for I and RS meetings.

At Blackwood Elementary School, I was part of the committee during the following school years: 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014. This would give me 50 hours using the 10 hour maximum per year. I have letters from building administrators (Kim Capone and Andrea Stubbs) indicating my participation in the committee.