Feifer, Steven; Della Toffalo, Douglas. Integrating RTI With Cognitive Neuropsychology: A Scientific Approach to Reading. School Neuropsych Press, LLC, 2007.

Integrating RTI With Cognitive Psychology delivers a reason and outlook on methods of determining if a student has a learning disability. This book is an excellent resource to diagnosticians, school psychologists, and educators. The author, Steven G. Feifer is a proven psychologist and author specializing in science and education with an emphasis on learning disability in reading. The organization of this book allows the reader to easily follow that the cognitive neuropsychology and the RTI as the comprehensive evaluation methods in determining SLD. The book is divided into nine chapters and three. Opening with the misconceptions about a discrepancy model as reliable and valid method, the book progresses through the 2004 reauthorization of the IDEA and the application of the RTI model, evidence based instruction, five components of reading, phonological processing, four subtypes of dyslexia, and finally a chapter on neuropsychological assessments and evidence based interventions. The appendices conclude with a listing of evidenced based reading programs and checklists for dyslexic behaviors. While it is difficult to thoroughly explore all topics, the detailed references provide sources for obtaining more information.