Teaching Students to Meet Common Core Standards in Grades 6-12? Analyze This by Maureen McLoughlin and Douglas Fisher. Reading Today, Vol 30 No. 3. The Common Core Standards include that students must analyze text but students are not taught how to analyze. Students are expected to use key ideas and analyze how and why individuals or events develop. Students also have to analyze the structure of texts and how specific sentences relate to each other. They also are expected to analyze how two or more texts address similar themes. Writers of informational text use internal structures to relate information such as sequence, comparison and contrast, cause and effect and problem and solution. There are various types of questions which can be used to help students to anlayze text such as: Memory questions such as signal words or naming, defining, identifying or designating; convergent thinking questions such as signal words of why, how and cogntive operations words such as explaining, stating relationships as well as comparing and contrasting; Divergent Thinking Questions using signal words of imagine, suppose, predict or cogntivie operations words of predicting,hypothesizing, inferrin or reconstruction; last Evaluative Thinking Questions using signal words of defend, judge, justify or what do you think along with cognitive operations words of valuing, judging, defending and justifying. These types of questions must be explicitly taught and modeled.