Did you Ask a Good Common Core Question Today? The Cognitive and Metacognitive Dimensions of Enhanced Inquiry Skills by Vincent Ciardiello. Reading Today, Vol 30, No. 3. This article is about how students need to be taught good questioning techniques to help them understand what they read and hear. Students need to be taught how to ask good questions in order to improve their understanding of material. Cognitive signal words include the following: identify; explain; analyze; synthesize; draw conclusions; infer; what are new ideas; predict; compare/contrast; cause/effect and categorize. An example of cognitive question starters are What is the meaning of, or what predictions can be made. Metacognitive signal words include the following: confirm understanding; make connections; develop and awareness and reflect on ideas. Metacognitive question starters could be , how has ……made me aware of……? or What other ways can I interpret…..?.Students must be trained how to use those types of questions when reading.