Bridges-Connecting with Families to Facilitate and Enhance Involvement by Mary Sawyer. Teaching Exceptional Children, Vol 47,No. 3. This article is about a framework called BRIDGES which is a model to help get more parent involvement. BRIDGES stands for Build, Recruit, Individualize,Dialogue, Generate, Empower and Strengthen. Teachers need to build bridges with their students’s parents and that can include improving communication by newsletter, emails on student progress, weekly progress reports and daily notes on a student’s agenda. The Recruit step involves finding out how parents can best respond, such as sending out a survey. Step 3 is to individualize and this is important if the family does not speak English. The 4th step of Dialogue involves not just calling parents with problems but contacting them with positive information and asking them to help out with something or share their knowledge. Step 5-Generate means to generate ideas parents can use to support their children such as a Tip of the Week. The 6th Step Empower used parent input and communication to help with behavior at school and home. The 7th step of Strengthen involves how to continue building the communication by hosting things like Parent Appreciation Night.