Five Steps for Developing Effective Transition Plans for High School Students with Autism spectrum Disorder by Katherine Szidon, Andrea Ruppar and Leann Smith. Teaching Exceptional Children, Vol 47, No. 3. This article is about how the CST and staff at a rural high school put together an IEP/transition plan for the graduating students. The first step was to identify the transition goals for each student, secondary training, independent living. The 2nd step is to link the postsecondary goals to IEP goals and make the goals measurable. The 3rd step is to troubleshoot and adjust transition and IEP goals. The skills should be observable and should measure progress over time. The goal should also specify how the student will be helped by achieving this goal. Goals should not by specific to the school curriculum but should generalize to how the student can use it out in the workplace. The 4th step is to provide opportunities to teach skills, such as keyboarding for typing, taking public transportation. The 5th step is to evaluate the progress and determine if anything needs changed.