Professional Consultations from September 2013 to May 2014. Student TS. Total of 10 Hours.
A student’s individual needs will be addressed and met through professional conversations, meetings and consultations. The strategies developed will be based on review of records, student progress, teacher/staff input and background information. The teacher/staff member will collaborate with the LDT/C, develop, and apply identified intervention and strategies.

In consultation with both general education and special education teachers, difficulty with sustained attention and appropriate behavior occurred in the resource center settings. The one-on-one aide was instrumental in providing background history on prior settings and behaviors. It was determined that the need for behavioral interventions should be directed towards the resource center settings. Positive behavioral supports were developed in the form of a daily sticker chart and a Social Story to be read with TS upon arrival in the resource center class. Choices for stickers and type of positive rewards were chosen by TS’s aide based on TS’s preferences and prior responses to rewards. Starting on 10/1/13, TS received a star sticker for positive behaviors during reading, language arts, and mathematics. TS was able to earn stickers three times daily. If earning three stickers per day, TS was given 15 minutes on the computer to play Star Fall, an educational reading program that she enjoyed.

TS’s one-on-one aide maintained the sticker chart and supervised the reward. Consultation with TS’s resource center teacher and one-to-one aide determined if a sticker was given. Over time the Social Story was faded and continuation of the sticker chart continued. As a result of consistency and adjusting the rewards, the student, on average, achieved a 68% to 74% rate of reward on Star Fall. Overall, her attention and focus in the Resource Center was noted to have improved. The sustainability of attention and productivity appears to be problematic for this student. Triggers that may have impacted her behavior and productivity included, but not limited to, the absence of her aide, assemblies, changes in TS’s schedule, snow days, etc.