Learning Disabilities Research and Practice. vol. 29, #4, 2014. Using Number Lines to Solve Math Word Problems: A Strategy for Students with Learning Disabilities by Nicola Gonsalves and Jennifer Krawee. This article is about how number lines are used to help students with learning disabilities solve word problems. Since LD students do not always generate few correct representations when solving word problems, teaching those student how to set up an accurate representation with number lines has proven helpful. Visual representations such as number lines provide students with a reference to return to which reduces the demands on their working memory. It also helps students to self-regulate thier work so that they can see if they are getting the correct answer. The steps for using number lines consist of translating the problem by identifying relevant information, showing relationships among parts and including the problem questions. The number line then has to be interpreted. The use of number lines has to be taught explicitly by using modeling, verbal rehearsal and goal setting. Cue cards or checklists may have to be used as guides and students have to be taught how to construct an accurate number line. One direct way to teach this is to have a life-sized number line to develop number sense, set end points and then have student place number cards in appropriate places on the line.