On December 5, 2014 I presented a two hour dyslexia workshop to the staff at Springfield Township School in Jobstown, NJ. All K-3 teachers, basic skills instructors, and special education teachers were included in the training.The planning and preparation for this state mandated training took a total of 10 hours on Dec. 1, 2014 and Dec. 2, 2014. I worked with another colleague to prepare and present this workshop. The dyslexia training included an overview of newly adopted regulations regarding dyslexia. A definition of reading disabilities including dyslexia was thoroughly discussed. The causes and facts of reading difficulties were presented. An overview of research and data on dyslexia was presented. In addition, we presented a simulation of a reading activity as seen through the eyes of a child with dyslexia. A brief video on dyslexia was also presented. Finally, we engaged the staff in a reading assessment activity to identify signs of dyslexia in a student.