Bruns, D. & Thompson, S. (2014). Turning Mealtime into Learning Opportunities: Integrating Feeding Goals into IEPs. Teaching Exceptional Children, 46 (6) 179-186

In this article, the authors expanded upon the inclusion of feeding goals in IEPs. On most IEPs, feeding is normally not included. However, school- and non-school-based teams should take part in developing feeding goals and objectives for students with disabilities who have individual needs related to feeding, as well as other developmental areas. The goals must be based on student assessments, and must be responsive to a student’s present and future needs. The authors presented three cases where students had the specific feeding needs, such as acceptance of textured food, improvement of self-feeding skills, or oral stimulation. Their feeding skills were a part of classroom instruction. The authors restated that achieving feeding skills demonstrates the student’s learning and supports to meet other IEP goals.