The Digital Media Writing Project: Connecting to the Common Core by Anne Butler, Lisa Monda-Amaya and Haeny Yoon. Teaching Exceptional Children, Vol 46, No. 1. This article describes how to use Digital Media Projects to assist students to learn how to write sentences, paragraphs and/or stories. Students who struggle with writng need explicit instruction in the writing process, collaborative writing practices, organizational writing tools such as graphic organizers and the use of technology including word processing, text prediction and speech-to-text software. Digital media projects incorporate those strategies that also goes along with the CCSS emphasis on technology. Resources for DMPs include Storycorps, Pics4learning, FreePlay Music and Photostory among many others. One of the first things that DMPs can help with is to create a basic story spine which provide stuctures for writing and help students organize their ideas. A story spine can include the platform, the catalyst, the consequence, the climax and the resolution. Various types of digital information can be included, including scanned images, pictures, sounds amd music along with words. Audio recordings can also be made and editing is easier with the use of a computer. Presentations can include a Powerpoint or an Apple Keynote.