Teaching the Common Core in English Language Arts to Students with Severe Disabilities. by Alicia Saunders, Fred Spooner, Diane Browder, Shawnee Wakeman and Angela Lee. Teaching Exceptional Children, Vol 46, No. 2. This article is about how a 12th grade English teacher shares her love of literature and the novel the Pearl by John Steinbeck to her self-contained class or multiply disabled students. Literary terms and definations cover the walls and all with picture supports. The students have an adapted text of the novel. Some students need a Big Mac switch to read. There is a repeated story line. She uses time delay and example/non example to teacher high frequency sight words in the book as well as vocabulary. There are no picture symbols above the words but there is a picture on each page to illustrate what is happening. She uses the “Think Aloud” strategy to prompt students to ask questions. The teacher selects the CCCS and develops a lesson template with writing as a component. Read-alouds, videos, and graphic organizers are also used along with the adapted text.