Enhancing Communication Skills for Students with Intellecutal Disability by Daniel Bayes, Amy Heath, Carol Williams, and Jennifer Ganz. Teaching Exceptional Children, vol 45, no. 3. Some students are not able to communicate their wants and needs. An intervention which has proven successful is the behavior chain interruption strategy (BCIS) which is user-freindly and proven effective. In BCIS, a parent or teacher interrupts a student who is engaged in a multi-step routine such as playing with a toy or preparing a snack. The student has to make a request to continue the task due to mile distress caused by the interruption. When the student makes the request, the adult grants the request and encourages the child to continue. The interruption in the routine seems to enhance the value of the reinforcer. Picture prompts can be used if needed. Another concept is rejecting where you hand a child a unecessary item to complete a task such as giving him(her) a comb for eating cereal. this also reinforces communication.