Shared Story Reading-Teaching Mathematics to Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children vol. 45. No. 3.
Shared Story Reading can be used in math. An example of this was the use of the book The Greedy Triangle by M.Burns(1994). This book teaches geometric concepts in a story setting and works on the CCCS of making sense of problems. Reading the stories aloud is an essential part of building knowledge, vocabulary and listening skills. Shared story reading also engages students in math as well as real world concepts. To use shared reading, a math concept statement should be created and repeated. Stories should be read aloud and the reading should be interactive. New vocabuarly should be stressed and highlighted. Use visual and kinesthetic clues to emphasize content. Other books which can teach math concepts include Two of Everything (Hong), How Big is a Foot (Myller), The Doorbell Rang (Hutchings) and How Many Feet in a Bed(Johnston).