Vaughn, S. & Wanzek, J. (2014). Intensive Interventions in Reading for Students with Reading Disabilities: Meaningful Impacts. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 29 (2), 46-53.

The authors in this study assessed the relationship between intensive reading interventions and reading progress for students with learning disabilities. Vaughn, S. and Wanzek, J. reviewed three sources to determine whether current reading instruction meets educational needs of students with learning disabilities. The first sources they cited were achievement data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the U.S. Department of Education data, and several other national studies. While the data was collected, students with learning disabilities received more reading instruction in general education setting, then in a small group setting. Researchers concluded that reading scores for students with learning disabilities declined; at the same time, reading scores for students without the learning disabilities increased. Therefore, the students with learning disabilities require intensive instruction in a small pulled out setting.